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We Understand The Need

Our homes are our sanctuaries, where we seek comfort and relaxation after a long day. A comfortable home is a reflection of our personal style and preferences, creating a space where we can truly be ourselves. And there is no limit to how we can enhance this feeling of comfort in our homes.

We understand what some people call small tasks can actually be the difference between mundane and comfortable, like getting out of cozy blankets to switch on geysers, turning off motor during virtual meetings, switch off all the fans after the floor dries or simply to set the perfect lighting according to your moods. You may also struggle with high energy bills due to inefficient systems or forgetting to turn off appliances.

Octise is the solution. We provide a range of smart switches and lighting that are designed to solve these everyday problems and add that extra bit of missing comfort to our homes. We have been transforming simple homes to smart homes for years and are experienced in understanding the need and pain points of our customers. Your homes are waiting to get smart!

All smart devices connect through WiFi, providing easy to install and setup options
All our smart switches can fit inside existing switchboards, no need to change a thing
On-site support for any problems, one of the best service teams always ready for support
Siddharth Mehra
One solution I prefer when it comes to managing home with very less effort. Freedom from constantly worrying about what I left on at home.
Rishabh Puri
I have tried other smart home products in past before Octise. None were this fast and smooth. I would always recommend Octise over other brands.
I really appreciate the the company's support team. Once there was a problem with a device and they provided service on the same day.
Me and my husband are always commanding Alexa to turn on/off something through Octise. We have set scenes for almost all our daily routines.
Sachin Sharma
Octise helps me turn on my water pump at 5AM with the help of timers. I don't have to wake up so early now.


Smart phone control
Switchboard control
Alexa and Google Home controls
Fits in existing switchboards
Define your own scenes and modes
Set timers for daily routines
Share access with family members
Built-in security
In house RnD and manufacturing
Reliable, tested designs
Backed by modern cloud technologies
Let's answer some doubts
What do I require to get my home automated?

All you'll need is a WiFi network, working internet connection and enough space inside switchboards to fit our devices in.

Do you provide installation services?

We provide installation and post-sales services all across Delhi-NCR.

How do the devices connect to the internet?

All our devices come enabled with WiFi and connect to your home WiFi network, just like your other devices like smartphones and laptops.

Can the devices work without a WiFi network?

The devices need a stable internet connection to stay connected to the cloud servers. However, the switches that the devices are connected to, will still work physically in case the internet is down.

Do I have to turn on/off my lights when the power cuts and comes back?

No. All our devices have built-in memory to remember what appliances were on or off when the device restarts in case of power outage.

How many users can share access to my devices?

Any number of users can share access to the devices, as long as the admin grants permission through the Octise app.

Will my normal switches work once I get Octise smart switches installed?

Yes. The physical switches will work as they were working without the device. The devices just allow a parallel switching method for you to control and monitor your switches from your smartphones from anywhere.

Do I have to leave my connected switches turned ON always to control via app or Alexa?

No, you'll be able to control your appliances even if the wall switch of the appliance is turned off.

Will the wires and the device be visible in my house after installation?

Most of our smart switching product variants are designed to fit right inside your existing switchboards. Thus, they provide you an invisible solution with no shabby wires or boxes hanging outside.

How many scenes or timers can I set at once?

There is no limit to how many timers and scenes a user can set.

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