Connect. Control. Automate.

Experience comfort like never before.

With our next-gen range of smart switches and lighting which are affordable and easy to install.

octise was made for your homes
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Turn your homes into Smart Homes.
Well, because they are smarter.
And so much better.
See us transform this bedroom into a super comfortable cave
You Are In Control

Control appliances with switches like always. The boring way. Still useful.
App Control
Control your appliances with our app. Definitely cooler.
Use voice commands to control everything. Well, the coolest way of all.
But Lets Talk About The Benefits
Besides all the cool stuff
Global Access
Control your home from anywhere in the world
Set flexible timers to automate routine tasks
Set your own ambience modes and activate them with just one button
With dimmers, take ambience control and mood lighting to the next level
Easy Access Share
Control who shares access to your connected appliances
Save Energy
Better management can help you save up to 30% electricity
Getting Started
Who can turn their homes into smart homes? Well, almost everyone.

No rewiring required
Hides behind switchboards
Takes 20 mins to get connected
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